One More Time


August 18, 2002

Horsey and Kai in a duet of,'To all the dogs I've licked before'>>> She was gone... I was wasn't as bad as I thought it might have been. It disturbed me that I let it go and I had absolutely no desire to meet anyone new. I relaxed all day hoping my mind would return. I sent emails and became upset when I told friends the seko had left and I watched her leave. The way I'd been acting, totally, emotionless, and feeling so indifferent, I couldn't expect her to want to stay, so I didn't pursue. That night I got a phone was her. She was on her cell phone. The first thing she said, tearfully, was,"What did I do wrong???" Her voice was so nice to hear. "It's me...I'm messed up", I answered. We spoke for a long time. She was driving around Charlottesville and was lost so I got on Mapquest to help her find her way.

I told her the relationship had become too much for me and I wished we could go back to the way we were when we met. We'd gone from meeting to living together in about two weeks. I wanted to be right with God and I knew the way were spending time together I wasn't, and neither was she. It was a pleasant talk.

On August 18, I returned from Sunday morning Baptist services, feeling connected with God again. seko called...she still didn't have her car and needed to look at a house she was considering purchasing. She asked if it was okay that I come, since we had broken up. I said okay.

We videotaped the house inspection and had a blast. We laughed and enjoyed ourselves so much I asked seko to join me for Sushi. It was like old times...the smiles, the giggles, the poking fun at each other. We rented videos and goofed around at her apartment all night. We made a video message to my mother who would be under the knife in five days. I felt that feeling again...once I felt I was right with God I could love again. We joked about breaking up but also talked about getting together when I returned from Indiana. I had to leave on the 19th and since we'd just had a break-up, seko said it was best she didn't come along. I said goodbye the morning of the 19th, unable to break myself away from her...getting out of town five hours too late. I was sooo excited. We had the magic again.

Bee-Cam>>> I wonder how many Mexicans would fit in this car?>>>
Mutant Bunnies>>> seko does her Pillsbury Doughboy impression>>>
Hi, my name is Ringo and I'm a Tennis Ballaholic>>>