Cocoon (continued)
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June 7, 2003
Here I am doing my ape impression...then Angie and Eye...and more butterflies. First on the right is called a Rajah and it's very rare. I chased butterflies with my camera like a child chasing a bubble. I could have killed someone.
And then, to rap up the butterflies, they had a dance. Butterflies like to dance with their own kind but when you look at the variety of colors you can't help but wonder if there was some cross-breeding. After all, the butterfly farm is a closed environment and sooner or later you'll have sex outside your wing. Life's rough and the public is very demanding. I think the various colors of the may also be related to a little publicized butterfly problem.... substance abuse. I hear LSD is very popular, and don't ever lick a butterfly wing.
I am a gorilla>>>
Angie and Eye>>>
Poetry in motion>>>
 'I like big butt-erflies, and I cannot lie', you otha brothas can't deny>>>
That when a worm walks in wit' a itty bitty waist an'
Does a metamorphosis in your face...