City Center
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June 9, 2003

The next day I wandered about taking pictures while Angie had her hair washed
by elephants (the 'glasses photo' was supposed to be a little artsy...note the
reflection of the Petronas)
Kuala Lumpur City Center Sewer>>>
Eyes on Malaysia>>>
City Center>>>
And here's Angie (Mommy) waiting for me, with clean hair, brooding with trunk-envy, and checking
out the hit-man section of the classifieds...
Angie searching the classifieds for hitman to rub out horsey>>>
Looking down at the world's tallest building>>>
Then we ascended the KL tower (remember KL means Kuala Lumpur), a 421-meter tower atop a 90-meter hill (total height 1676 feet...almost 200 feet higher than the Petronas...the world's tallest buildings). Reminiscent of Seattle's Space Needle, it's the largest such tower in Asia and the fourth largest in the world. We were only at the 905 foot bottom observation level (1201 feet if you count the hill).(Click HERE for high-resolution photo).

Prices in Kuala Lumpur were very low. Below you see the Petronas and how close our luxury hotel was (see arrow). We stayed on the 18th floor, with room service, a gorgeous bathroom, marble bathtub, gorgeous view, and it was only $50 a night. The toilet even had a telephone! My motel in Newark, New Jersey was in slum-world and cost me $69 a night, so this was a steal!

Here's a pic of Angie's old school. Yes Mom, she went to a Catholic school! (Mom leaps about the house in joyous celebration looking for her 'other' phone)...

Angie's old school>>> Bamboo Building>>> Bamboo building close-up>>>
Bamboo building very close-up>>> Then we got massages by blind people (seriously... they were's a novelty I guess) but not before coming down from the KL tower using an elevator...I guess if it's going down it's a delevator. Angie took my glasses during the massage so that made three of us blind and she was the only one who could see. Scary...
I guess it's better to be massaged by blind people than stared at by amputees eh? In case you're wondering, Angie told me that Kuala Lumpur was founded at the meeting point of the Kelang and Gombak rivers and the name Kuala Lumpur means - 'Muddy Confluence'.

And below we see Angie, still patiently waiting for me ("where the hell is that hitman???").

Angie, patiently looking for an open window to push Horsey out>>>