Thirteen Years

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December 1978

More on the cat saga...after Fluffy, the original female ran away, leaving her brother and her two kittens, one of the two remaining kittens got very sick, recovered, and then gave his disease to his brother. The black kitten died slowly on the garage floor. He'd passed on just minutes before I left for school one morning. I lifted him up to see how he was doing and yellow liquid oozed from his mouth and nose. I was growing a much harder shell now, having seen all the cats multiply and then die. Tiger, Fluffy's brother, became a flaming homosexual and began trying to have his way with his nephew. His nephew didn't seem to mind. Tiger got very large and heavy and disgusting

In the summer of 1978, brother Darrel and I decided to ride our bicycles to Mt. Vernon, Indiana, a round trip of over 24 miles. It was the first time either of us had used our bicycles for anything more than riding to a friend's house. I rode a Schwinn banana-seat Stingray and Darrel, a Schwinn Collegiate with a five speeds! Then next summer we did it again (after I got my own 5-speed), and pushed the envelope...I made it in just over 57 minutes...Darrel rolled in not too far behind. We were proud of ourselves.
And then, I grew horse teeth.

 ah..ah..ah...ah...stayin' alive, stayin' alive