Before the Storm

I never can say how I really feel
A single letter in a language of love
I cannot speak completely of you
A fiber of hair lying on your shoulder
I cannot cover enough of you
A drop of water in the ocean
You cannot feel me flow around you
For I am lost in a gentle current

I think of you in the wind
In thoughts that make me blush
In a rush of perfumed air
I smell sweet rushing from your skin
I try to hold myself together
Or I�ll melt over you like rain
When you pass I am your flower
Opened only for you again and again

I dream when I hear you speak
In sensual whispers you stroke my ear
In respectful tones of sirenous venom
You wander within me and look for a kill
To take me apart and slip in my hiding places
With one touch I confess my motives
Hopelessly convicted of my gender
The animal in me and the prey of my desire

I think of your voice, your face on my pillow
Waiting lips and eyes asking me to explore
I push away all these thoughts
Or I�d be lost and concede my want
To be so close to you I can�t feel myself
That for a time we could unlock our lusts
In silky textures that leave us breathless
And lock in violent thirsty kisses

So strange how the quietest moments
Come just before the churning masses
Bruise the clear blue sky with summer blood
Showing the evil face of the cherubim
My love is asleep on the tip of my tongue
Words flowing forth like molasses
When we take our exchange to warmer water
The gulf comes alive at its emerald rim

Close your eyes sea angel and breathe me
So deeply your bosom will draw me up
And take me into your angry surf
To wash away all my sins
Drowned in your breasts of oceans swelling
Helpless, immersed in your salty cup
You�re a sea unto my shore
Tides rolling out and rolling in

Tongue-tied in a salsa danced with the sea
Your hair whips the thunder and darkens day
But true beauty casts no shadow
When lightning flashes from your skin
Take me away in your vortices
Don�t crush me in your crashing waves
Surround me with your tranquility
When your clouds of danger start to spin

Your hands delectably delight
They play me like a porpoise song
And show me to your warm retreat
To ride the surge from safe within
At peace when ravenous wall clouds circle
Where the two of us have become one
Adrift within the eye of the storm
The hurricane is about to begin

December 10, 12:40pm
Copyright ©2000 Michael Paul