My friend, my friend, eat healthy and run strong
With tattoos of fences that you�ve taken on
Drawn �cross your antlers of some twenty years
Stand tall my friend Astro, my moose, oh my deer

It�s cold in the city like it is in the woods
Though the townspeople run and then poison your foods
When they shoot over your head, but not too high above
And then kidnap your family; they�re doing it in love

Astro, my Astro, you make Bullwinkle blush
So fine when you stride over tundra and brush
Alaska�s your home but you live in my heart
Now don�t make me spank you boy, here, pull my cart

Saddle up like a good moose so we can be friends
Stand still while I mount you on your other end
Yes, we�ve known for so long we were meant for each other
You sniff me, I�ll sniff you, deer Astro, my brother

January 13, 8:30pm
Copyright �2001 Michael Paul