Violent Underground

The night rode in upon a breeze 
In bony fingers of death
My dark lover, she came upon me
Squeezing away my breath
An infant in a waterfall swallowed by its grave
I cried out to you day after day
Time rolls slowly away...too late to save
You pressed your pillow over my face 
Until my voice fell back to me
My eyelids stopped flittering
Putting an end to my agony
You sank your canines into my jugular
And held on until the screaming stopped
Until my legs no longer twitched
Your pulse pounded and nostrils flared
Like a coming-into-season bitch

You hooked my masculinity
And pulled me in your chain gang by it
'Till my steps led me in circles of despair
And with a sneer you'd deny it
You took personal pleasure in watching your sins increasing
Not knowing I could smell
The stench of flesh consumed unceasing
In the fires of eternal hell
Strum your violin while circling flies
Softly serenade your prey
Nights of white satin sheets
Hide sins the sun reveals in the day
The stains of crimson carnage leave sweet memories
Of when the kill was fresh
Excitement stirs your appetite
And craving for more flesh

The widow is still silent
Lying still in my bed
Bloody teeth gnashing and neon eyes
Are rolling around inside my head
It was not I who left her behind in this state
In the dead of night I was dragged away
In an artery of hate 
To where stalactites and stalagmites
Impale my fragile mind
Sinking me to the violent underground
The world of the lost and left behind
Where the blood flowing through my veins
Dries to a hard red cake
I'm asleep forever in this world
But in the violent underground
Forever and ever,

October 27, 1:43pm,
Copyright 2004 Michael Paul