June 7
I looked up to see the stars
Then my mind was thinking of you
Still I'm wandering where you are
And if you were looking at them too

I lost my heart one summer
On 557 Cunningham Street
In a yellow house on a worn out couch
By a brown-trimmed window where ants came in
In hours of conversation it got away from me
When the smoke and humidity made the still air thin
We had ten days together
And made our lives so sweet
When I drift away to that summer day
For a while my heart skips a beat

I never knew love had a face
Love never drew a picture of you
It was an empty place of words and music
Until that seventh day of June
'Till then the tune had remained the same
All it needed to be played
Was a name

 I didn't like smokers but your smoke was so nice
Your tiny glasses made you look like a nun
You were too young and much too lost
Every ounce of common sense told me to run
You were a bit too short and frumpy I thought
And your fashion sense was completely wrong
You were just what I wasn't looking for
Then love came to me in a song

A song was the sound of love
Now silence is the sound of death
The day I fell in love with you
You took away my breath
I lost my heart on Cunningham
In between the words you had to say
But I never ever dreamed you'd take it
So far away...

April 27, 2005, 1:47pm
Copyright ©2005 Michael Paul