Act IV

He died on the stage
In the middle of act three
In a flash of blazing spotlight
Cut to eternity
The throngs gasped not, no no
Assumed 'twas part of the act
Gaze fixed on balcony
And his last heart attack
Brought the curtain down
'Twas the talk of the show
Not a fan with a frown
How could they ever know?
Once their idol,
Forever no more

His dazzling teeth smiled in pain
Whilst piano played so low
He was lowly
As his rise to fame,
He fell slow,
So slowly
When the lights made dark
Shadows came to play
Draining color
From their motionless prey
In a final bow
On the stage
He lay

Life had been acting
Though he never reacted
To his captive crowd
Whilst arteries compacted
Still the time had come to exit
Theater was all he had
Untouched but alive
Acting happy, acting sad
To die is to be free
When life is a sorry lot
To be or not to be?
The answer was not
His silver, pale expression
Followed fans out the door
He once was but now
He is no more
Act IV

August 17, 2005 -
8 pm March 20, 2006
Copyright 2006 Michael Paul