Missionary Girl

It's that girl who wants us to buy her a camera
It's that girl who wants us to buy her some tea
We send her presents, letters, toys and things
I'm sure I've seen her in a commercial, with sad music...on TV
She must walk barefoot on dirt roads, chewing chilies
Thank God that sombrero keeps the sun off her head
I'm sure had I not mailed that poor girl five dollars
With Spring monsoons she'd be drowned, or even dead
I think I saw her in a National Geographic
I saw a video, read a story, or a book about those people
Flies were buzzing around in their grass churches
Morning sun shining down through their bamboo steeples
I asked my dog Gizmo to spare her a treat
Or a shoestring (no shoes) to tie up her feet
His friend Penny sends socks and someone else's shoe
And a mouthful of Gizmo's best toys and food
She'll need a bigger donkey
I'm sure they use them down there
Or a minivan
To drive her twelve friends everywhere
A toothbrush, a comb
That poor missionary girl
Or a bag of hard candy
Straight from the New World
While centipedes scurry 'cross her snoring face
Coyotes silhouette the full-moon glow
Bible in her hand and Jesus in her heart
In our dreams we see what we do not know
Oh I pray for poor Heather
God grant her every desire
We're so blessed to have houses, food, clothing
And fire
We're so proud of you, Heather
Enjoy having a bed
And something more than a sombrero
To cover your head
But you're going back to Guatemala, Mexico, Africa,
Uh...the place they eat Fritos
Instead of a ceiling fan
You'll sleep under giant mosquitoes
When you reach out
To hit your morning alarm
You'll awake with an angry rooster
Shredding your arm
And we'll think of you when we see a feather
The weather, wear leather
Scrubbing your laundry in a creek
Each time that we fellowship together
We thank God we can chew food with good teeth
And we'll wait for you,
Patiently counting the days
While snakes, spiders, and scorpions
Hide in your suitcase
So itís letters, presents, and toys
'Till June rolls 'round again
To the early morning wake-up call
"Da Plane! Da Plane!"

Aug 25, 2007, 12:36am
Copyright ©2007
Michael Paul