You Missed It

You missed the tears I cried for you
When I looked out the window you were gone
It took me by surprise
when I felt the rain in my eyes

The world froze that month
When you walked out the door
Through a forest of bejeweled skeletal remains
It was January to you
To me it was the birth of insane

And there you were in my face
Looking alive now dead
"I've never seen you cry" you said
My windows, walls, and wine
They saw it instead

Within hours I heard
From my herd of sunny friends
"You just lost your girl, get over it"
I soon got over them

And maybe a girl isn't just a just
Maybe love isn't just lust
Maybe you were more than you thought your were
Maybe I could tell you how much I love you without saying heart
Maybe my desire to never see you sad was really love
Maybe that bright, menacing, orbiting fireball was the sun
Maybe that's not just rain falling from the sky
Maybe it's everything else in the world but you
Helping me cry

You left a single moment too soon
It was a smile when you kissed it
But watching your taillights disappear
Not just a girl,
Because I'm not just a man
You missed the tears
You missed it
You really missed it

April 22, 10:16 pm
Copyright ©2013 Michael Paul