All That?

You were the cherry on top
the top of the wedding cake.
We danced one-two-three
then you were no longer awake.
You may be white as snow
but we know--you're a flake,
unique and beautiful, 
but when things warm up,
you run like a fake.

Your wind-sock morals
filled you up with pride.
You talked a good talk
but when you stopped,
they died.
You wanted what you wanted,
how could we know you were flat?
Somehow we thought
you were all that.

Time tells all things
and it screams in account of you.
You did what you wanted, 
the rest of us have to make due.
To keep our princess safe,
we stood in front and back of you.
You'd kill a horse
just to fill your head with glue.

The only thing special
is you weren't  fat.
I thought you were everything
but found, 
you weren't all that.

What's it all to you?

October 15, 5:35pm
Copyright ©2022 Michael Paul