Friends and lovers have left me in the past.
For the most part, life goes on, but occasionally I miss them, and sometimes I fantasize they'll come back and want to go out for a bite to eat, share a smile, want to be friends again.

Maybe they'll knock on my door and apologize for how they were, or I could apologize for how I was. But they never do.
People have disappointed me my whole life, and I'm sure I've disappointed a lot of people.

God stopped talking to the Israelites for 400 years.

Some of them missed him, some wished their people hadn't been so rebellious, treated him so badly, some of them probably wondered if he even ever existed, or was he just some legend that grew bigger over the years?

And then he came.
He rolled up the scroll and said,
"Today this scripture is fulfilled in your hearing.”

Hey--it's me

And he wanted to have a bite to eat with us, he wanted to say hi, visit us, help us out,
give us hope,
tell us he'd been thinking about us all those 400 years just as we'd hoped in our hearts,
tell us things were going to be different in the future--and we had hope again--could we risk hoping again?

And then, almost as fast as he came, he was gone again.
The greatest injustice in the history of everything---but wait? But God...
The God of the impossible, the God of the eternal gave us a solution no human would ever dream up, and His name was Jesus.
Christmas is the day the impossible became possible, and when Jesus burst forth from the tomb,

It happened

April 20
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Michael Paul