A silky feather flown,
From milky mists is blown,
To tempt me with a touch
A wistful whisper flew,
A wishful aimless woo,
Befell me with a crush

I wished within the breeze,
My singing soul to seize,
Her vision sewn in softness
But soon my spirit grieves,
As sensously she weaves,
The slinky sly seductress

To joust in jealous haste,
Or thrust towards her waist,
I faintly feel a tickle
So stealthy I seduce,
In sweet and syrupy juice,
Of honey's harmless trickle

Caressed in cunning care,
The sticky snake ensnares,
And swells a sugary tomb
To taste her flawless fleece,
A lamb of pristine peace,
And penetrate her plume

My heavy head will rest,
And cradle in her breasts,
Her breath will be my pillow,

Yet sleeping should she cede,
My heaving heart will bleed,
Tears of a weeping willow

So should we say is bliss,
The cooing of a kiss,
Love's luscious rose of lust?
But anguish and lament,
The languish of the scent,
In blizzards' billowing gusts?

For as the sifting sands,
The flustering flurries fan,
A sculpture in the chasm,
Alas we vie in vain,
To tightly grasp the grains,
And fondle the phantasm

So should it be we say,
What wander is it lay,
In spirits swept from space?
Or should we say it be,
The voluptuous Valkyrie,
Celestial charm of grace?

And so a vista view,
A wink with heaven's hue,
Flashed favor for my eyes
A glorious glimmer of,
A river born of love,
A treasure for the skies....

February 22
Copyright 1998 Michael Paul