She put me to bed,
And kissed me goodnight
I watched her shadow leave,
When she turned off the light
But it returned once again,
When morning she'd come
And disturb the tranquility,
And the peace of the room
"Get up, it's time to go to school!"
And a headache ensued
She was only doing her job,
Though it seemed rather rude
When to the kitchen I stumbled,
There was something to eat
And I ran to the bus,
Even though I was beat
When I came home from school,
She'd come open the door
And say,"Don't come through the kitchen,
‘Cause I just waxed the floor"
So I'd go grab my bike,
And she'd say,"Where are you going?"
And I'd make up a tale,
Afraid to admit not really knowing
"Oh, you're back???" she’d ask later,
As I came back, surprising
In a dumb stare I'd say,
"No Mom, I'm still out there riding"
But I wouldn't get beaten,
Though I know she could disable
And like clockwork she'd yell,
"Hey kids, supper's on the table!!"
I'd eat what I wanted,
Then a little bit more
'Cause she'd keep shoving it on me,
As I ran for the door
And chase me so frightened,
Saying,"Mike, you like peas!!!"
But I'd scream out in terror,
"No more Mom, I can't breathe!!!"
When youth outran beauty,
I'd relax in downstairs,
And try to do homework,
Nodding off in my chair
Next thing I knew I was sleeping,
In my bed nice and warm
Somehow she'd dragged me up there,
Boy she's got quite an arm!!!
And I tried to finish up,
But she'd turn off the light
And say,"Go to bed!!!
You're falling asleep Mike!!"
But she didn't go away,
As my dreams soon would show
How'd she end up in there?
Geez man, I don't know
Soon I'd see her alone,
Running fast 'cross the beach
And I'd shoot at her night gown,
But the bullets couldn't reach
And so strange as it seems,
When I woke up at dawn
She'd say,"I had a bad dream last night...
Someone was shooting at your mom"
Then I'd think much about it,
And feel bad 'cause I'd missed
I mean, what's she thinking,
Running on the beach half dressed?
Just a day in the life,
Of my mommy and me
The one who was there,
When she didn't have to be
So I thank her for running ,
And for not slowing down
And I'm sorry for gunning,
At her flimsy night gown
'Cause she's the best thing I have,
And the best I can get
And I'm so glad I got her,
'Cause she's the coolest mom yet
So I'm writing this now,
'Cause I can't say it well
But I love mommy,
Just in case you can't tell

July 4
Copyright ©1998 Michael Paul