Jessica came to me calling out of the dark,
And she reached out a hand from the shadow,
She said,"Remember me?", I said,"Hello Daisy",
As I answered her far distant echo

What to say about her when we scarcely have met
And yet tell her the way that I feel?
And though I've not yet seen her,
I surely can dream her,
And if I believe then it's real

Her hand is a sunflower that grasps at the sun
And it opens when she is in bloom
It drinks in the light that will last her the night
And sustain her when light is the moon
But when clouds come to play and the sun shines away,
Or sets off to a far distant town
She releases her hold and pulls back, becomes cold,
Never knowing it comes back around

She's a delicate soul with a trembling voice
That puts question inside every word
"Do you love me or no? Can you tell me to show,
That I'm worth it? Do we seem absurd?"

So Jess this day is your day,
I don't know what to say,
But I guess it would be quite unfair
If I didn't say my heart,
Beats a livelier part,
When you call me to tell me you care

August 22
Copyright 1998 Michael Paul