Tickle me, topple me, roll me and rack me
Take all of your time and then slowly attack me
Tempests are surfacing, boiling your sockets
Causing your brain to explode into tiny gray rockets
What do you have to entice me with dread?
Flabbering, fluttering tongue in your head
You're bluing and doing your dastardly deeds
Spray your sleaze like a sneeze, fill their evil needs
Confound yourself simply, simple minds, simple to please
Touch yourself all over, feel a huge chunk of cheese
Riddled with holes, call a crater your crown
Push your face through a mirror, no echo will sound
Scream, wrinkle, raisin, and evaporate
God forbid your kind should ever multiplicate
Oh wart of the world, rid us of your hysteria
And be food of the nuts and flesh eating bacteria

December 20, 12:00 am
Copyright 1998 Michael Paul