Weeping Skies

Let me touch you, touch you, touch you, touch with crying fingers
My wandering, drifting, tingling finds you lost, and so defenseless
Searching mystique, lost caverns of creation, only you can be feeling
Drawn with the stream to the torrents of a water-falling breath
The growing violence of sighing she-gorges
Sets the course ever straighter

Fiery flows of living lava, lush with silent singers,
Humming joyous symphonies, will sensor all your senses
Deafening, blinding fire, stirs and draws your soul to kneeling
If only forever, forever, may it blind, maim, or lead me to death
Forever, forever, ram the soothing rod, of that which heaven forges
To raise the highest highs to heights of growing even greater

Find yourself adrift upon the river crème d'amour
Floating through the moaning moats, forbidden love's chateau
Cloud my million eyes with lips of morning dewdrops puddling
And wrap your scissored sensuality around my shoulders
Search and seize with a thousand hands, holding off tomorrow
Waves of passion tremble from the fathoms to the moon

Press between us everything, and love shall make it more
Drown me in the softest depths, whose end I'll never know
Your gaze is reaching, pleading, calling, crying out, yet cuddling
Adoring eyes are weeping skies, above my suckling smolder
Dying in your arms is worth a life of struggles' sorrows
If all I had was life, my love I'd give it all to you

January 7, 10:30pm
Copyright ©1999 Michael Paul