To Melanie with Love

Standing for so long upon the dark, Dark Sea
Left out from the right side, I was counted with the bad
Though we may think of living life a little differently,
You'll always be my best friend, the best friend I ever had

We rode along together like a cycle and sidecar
Somehow always counted separate though we never were apart
You towered high above me, I was near and you were far
I was the odd and ugly one, and you, the sweet, sweet tart

I'll never forget the one who's kept me going all these years
When I look up to a tree and see leaves trembling in the air
The squirrels and all the life that lives there brings my happy tears
Because you loved and sheltered me when all the rest didn't care

The world had turned away and I saw you look back again
Your face stretched out across my cold horizon, and your hair,
Held the memory I'd carry with me 'till the end
To get me through the times I wish I could still have you there

Release your bun young friend and let your burdened life be free
Take off your shoes because you like the grass between your toes
Smile and I'll smile too when I remember Melanie
Drifting through the wonderland where sleeping angels blow

January 23, 1:09am
Copyright 1999 Michael Paul