Writing on an empty page, and stirring sands of white
Penetrating virgin grains, conceiving worlds of awe
So perfect in its purity, a moonless, starless night
A pencil mark upon a sheet of paper is a flaw

Lying in the sheets my heavy breathing stirs my rest
Shattering the perfect silence of the lonely night
Stretched around the current of my heaving, violent chest
If I would but stop living, would the world be then made right?

Is there an angel fluttering and fanning as she hovers?
I taste the breeze upon my tongue, descending from above
And quietly it whispers "Tammy", to one perfect lover
A comforter from heaven, Tammy covers me with love

Her angel eyes are veiled beneath the swaying of her hair
It curls and twirls and tumbles on her, shadowing her skin
And through a kiss we share the flavor of the midnight air
She lingers there with eyes closed for to look would be a sin

When suddenly a paradise within her eyes of blue
So softly blinking summer breezes bathe me in her soul
And trembling blue jays flitter in the shutter of her view
Do I fly in her sky dome or just burrow down below?

Am I beside her for a weekend living as her star?
Does she desire me for a night of passion in her sigh?
Or do we want a life of sharing everything we are?
Would I be flawed and flicker in her perfect starless sky?

If I could touch her in the dome, I'd pull her in the sands
I'd brush her hair away and cling like honey to her breasts
And smooth it down her spine to feel her sizzle in my hands
And weave our hearts together in a sandy auburn nest

Tammy, perfect Tammy, all this page is filled with you
And on its perfect emptiness I lay the perfect woman
For nothing coming from my sullied lonely heart will do
A sheet of white and starless night, together we are woven

June 21, 7:26 pm
Copyright 1999 Michael Paul