July 18, 1991...
The Gulf War ended, and after having my leave twice cancelled, our little trip to Indiana for a nice little church wedding was shot to hell. So we just drove 48 hours and dropped in for about ten days to say hi.
I was slated to run a 34 mile race from downtown Spokane at 1800 feet to the top of Mt. Spokane at 5878 feet. But, due to wife telling me I'd have a heart attack so many times that it made my head ring, I decided peace was more important than conquering the world (a sobering reality to being married). Besides, after dedicating myself to running for six months, I was tired. I wanted to go back to cycling. It's so much more fun. I ran the Mt. Spokane run but with a relay team from work, which my co-workers had been begging me to do. I ran a seven-mile leg of the relay.
Two days before, while cycling, a bee flew into my ear, stung my brain, and the entire right side of my face swelled, infected my sinuses, and made me sick. I lost much of my hearing too. The upside to this is that during the 48-hour drive my little Honda Civic Si was just the quietest car you'd ever heard! I couldn't get over it.
Okay, long story...we did our little "Tour de Relatives You'd Never See if You Were Living in Indiana for Good But Since You Live in Washington State You Can at Least See them Once a Year". Call it "TDRYNSIYWLIIFGBSYLIWSYCALSTOAY".
L-R...Plump Uncle Lawrence again, me with swelled infected face, some chick I married, Mom in her sexy, sexy pose, her love-slave(DADDY), his baby brother Uncle Donald (the invisible uncle), and his wife, belching Uunt Betty. Be still my heart...thummmppp...thummmppp

July 18, 1991


Donald takes Lawrence and Richard(Daddy) for a ride on his new gazebo...Daddy is nervous>>>

And just to even things out, so Mom wouldn't bring it up to Dad when he wanted to go to a football game, we visited some of my Mom's brothers and sisters. Here, from viewer's left to right, Daddy (love slave), Mommy (Love Master!), Me (just a slave), and Miimii (being made love to by a peacock), Aunt Kathleen and Wilbert Weiss, mother's oldest brother, a retired used-car saleman recovering from a stroke he suffered in 1985, in the town of Ft. Branch, Indiana where my mother grew up...or did she?
Give us the egg or there will be trouble...grrr...>>>
Wow Mark, your new girlfriend is hot!>>>

(above)My friend Mark, who was released from the Air Force in May 1990. He lived just down the road in Owensboro, Kentucky, so he dropped by to say hi when I was in town. My parents didn't seem to mind, although they murmured to themselves,"That's Mike's friend with the BEARD". Beards made them nervous. First beards, then marijuana...then Rock & Roll, and the cycle of destruction continues...
Mark was cool...had a lot of bad luck in life, made some bad luck himself, but he was cool. Here he shows some photos of his new friends.

Get off our property>>>

***Miss Paul has requested her photo not be shown here to protect her identity***

More goofy pictures of Tom (with orbiting hair-line), Miimii, and I in the driveway. My face was shrinking.