July 31, 1991...
A creepy story...We dropped in on 65 year-old Uncle Ben (my father's oldest brother) in Denver on the way back to Washington State. We hung out with him for two days as he kept buying fish for his aquarium and unfortunately, watching them eat each other. So we'd go back and buy some more.
Ben was quite a character. At one point, while looking for a restaurant, he walked into a bank and tried to get a table for three. Miimii and I stood back, wondering what the heck he was doing. The teller politely said,"Uh sir...this is a bank", to which Ben, surprised, replied,"Oh my! I'm in the wrong place!"

There's a little mountain outside Denver called Mount Evans which has the highest paved road in North America and I just had to drive it. There is an annual bicycle race from the base at Idaho Springs to the summit at 14,262 feet. It's called the Bob Cook Memorial Hill Climb. I'd always wanted to race it but it would be another ten years before I'd return to this mountain.

One little push and Miimii gets $250,000>>>
July 31, 1991

Give me your tired, your poor, your worthless, your huddled masses, your scum-sucking pigs...>>>

***Miss Paul has requested her photo not be shown here to protect her identity***
Miimii and I drove to the summit on July 31. When you arrive at the parking lot at 14,130 feet you must walk up an addition 130 feet to the summit. As we neared the summit I began getting an electrical shock on my wedding ring...then a buzzing in my ear. Miimii was getting the same thing. It got so bad we couldn't see straight so we shot four quick photos and ran back down. A static cloud had passed through the summit of Mt. Evans. Then I shot this photo of Miimii with her hair still static charged. Makes one think of the Statue of Liberty...

You got a purty mouth boy...>>>
On August 3 we said goodbye to Uncle Ben and headed home. This was the last photo ever taken of him alive.