As long as we had lived in Spokane, Miimii and I had wanted to visit Vancouver, British Columbia. Begining in 1994 I was weakening...the pressure for the first time, made me too want out of the marriage. Miimii had become boring to me, and I felt I was all that was holding us together. We needed a vacation!
So we made plans, reserved a motel room in Chinatown, and drove six hours up to Vancouver. Vancouver was one of the most beautiful cities I'd ever seen...Miimii was navigating and I looked off to the side of the car and saw nothing but buildings spread across miles and a magical kingdom. I told Miimii,"That's it!" and she looked on the map and said,"No, that's not it yet". I said,"What else would it be?"
We plowed through Vancouver in speeding lunchtime traffic and the whole time my mouth was falling was sooo beautiful! But Miimii didn't like it and Chinatown was dirty and run-down. We made it to our motel and it smelled musty...we turned around and walked out. Then Miimii began complaining and said,"Let's go back now! I hate it here! It's dirty!"
I wanted her to take some photos but she refused.  Then she refused to navigate.  We drove in circles for a while and I told her,"We just got here!  Isn't it beautiful? Can't we stay just one night?" She wanted to leave NOW and after I convinced her to navigate we drove out of Vancouver less than an hour after we arrived.  But, as I was blessed that day, traffic was attrocious and we were caught in a traffic jam for two hours.  It had gotten dark, we were tired from the drive and the arguments, and were still two hours from Seattle, so I convinced Miimii to stay in a Days Inn for the night to rest.  There was a restaurant in the parking lot so we walked there and ate and drank lots of beer and had a wonderful time.  I even convinced her that, in the morning, we could take the lift to the 6000+ foot Mount Grouse outside of Vancouver on our way back to Seattle.
The next morning we took the ski lift up to the peak of Mount Grouse. Once again I was speechless, and kept snapping pictures. Miimii didn't like it at all and was cranky...I took one photo of us but she had a scowl on her face.

Don't try this at home>>>
***Miss Paul has requested that her face not be shown to protect her identity***
The world's largest clothes line>>>
March 24, 1994

Then we went back down as soon as possible and drove to Seattle where she was happy.
American ant farm>>>