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92nd Bomb Wing Intelligence

Top Row L-R: Lori Villela (born Nov 23, 1963), Ralf Villela (born Oct 12, 1956-died April 10, 2008), Vic, Captain Denend (born July 23, 1957), Lieutenant Christ (not Jesus), a guy I can't remember, Shawn Kelley (born June 8, 1966), Bob Kowolchuk (May 24, 1968-Sept. 24, 1998), unidentified midget

Front Row L-R: Two people I can't remember, Ricky White, Adam Steel, Ron Doerr (born 1969), ME, Pernel Pelican (born Oct 15, 1962--old friend from Offutt AFB), Vince Martinez (born 1960), Tony Villari(born November? 1953)

These were my people...my co-workers, and some were my friends. We were about to be broken up. It was decided by someone of a much higher paygrade than I, that the B-52 bombers which we worked with daily at Fairchild, should be moved to Barksdale AFB in Lousiana. So we would all be sent our seperate ways.
In April, my mother's brother
Cletus Weiss , died of a brain hemorrage at the age of 72.

April something, 1994

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