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February 19, 1997

Iceland at 30,000 feet (with German film)>>>
The photo above is Iceland. I ran out of film on my flight from Amsterdam, so I bought some from a German dude sitting next to me and shot the rest of these shots. They're pretty much self explanatory.
Greenland from 30,000 feet>>>
The photos above are Greenland.
Ice fields approaching the Davis Strait>>>
And above you see the Davis Strait in the Arctic Ocean. The Davis Straight is in far north Canada, above the Arctic circle, and I got some cool shots of ice fields over the open water on that same picture. I wanted to remember when I first touched North America.

I managed to stay awake for the entire flight back to the states. Miimii was waiting patiently for me at the Norfolk, Virginia airport, and the first thing she said to me was,"no intercourse"...which I thought was a strange way to greet your husband who has just flown in bearing gifts of jewelry, after being apart for 129 days. She had to work the next day and didn't want to be tired. My fears seemed to have been validated by that greeting. She'd grown very cold by this time....but it was so nice to not have to put on all my clothes and go outside to walk 200 feet in the cold to use a bathroom. The cats missed me. Civillization was great.
Two days later Miimii and I consumated my return.