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June 7, 1997

Things didn't improve.
Amanda was leaving the Air Force on July 6, so on June 7th she was having a party at her house. She'd often have cookouts which I never attended, but being her boss, I thought it would be nice to bring Miimii to some of these things that we were invited to. Miimii rarely ever went to my office functions, and I didn't want to go alone, so I rarely went. I believed we should socialize together. I was friends with many of my co-workers at work but not outside of work. I thought that if we socialized more as a couple, we'd be happier especially since she'd met and liked most of my co-workers when I was in Turkey. It would improve my work environment all around, professionally and personally. We had no mutual friends. So, since this was Amanda's last cookout, I promised her I'd come and bring Miimii (they were friends too). I told Miimii a week in advance that I wanted to go. Miimii said gladly that she wanted to go too.

On the morning of June 7, Miimii woke and said we were going to drive her friend, Yasko, to Potomac Mills shopping center in Washington D.C. Yasko's son is mentally challenged and she didn't want to go alone. Puzzled, I asked her about the promise we'd made to go to Amanda's barbeque with her and Miimii said she'd promised Yasko. Hmmm...sounds familiar. I told Miimii I wasn't going because we'd promised Amanda. She got angry and said,"You like AMANDA!". Finally I decided it wasn't worth peace at home to keep my promise to Amanda, and I emailed her that I was forced to go back on my word, which was embarrassing. Yasko was a bad influence on Miimii anyway, after being in a divorce for the entire time Miimii knew her, trying to 'get everything' out of her ex-husband after a 20-year marriage. She was also another I drove them to D.C., but I was pretty disgusted. I wore my geek glasses as a protest.

This is the last picture of us together. I was unhappy. Living with Miimii was like living with my sister. I was a slave in my own marriage. She wasn't interested in improving it. And that look on my face--well, I had to pee really bad! I set a personal record that day for the longest pee of my life. It's good to find something to strive for.

***Miss Paul has asked that her face not be shown to protect her identity***

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