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June 5, 2003

Kuala Lumpur at Last!
Malaysian Flag>>>
I pulled my Boeing into Kuala Lumpur(known as KL by locals...they have more important things to do than pronounce unnecessary syllables) International Airport at 8:18pm, which contains the worlds's largest columnless hangar, longest baggage conveyor belt system, largest passenger lounge, and tallest air-traffic control tower at 130 meters (425 feet)...
Kuala Lumpur Airport Control Tower>>>
I captured a taxi driver without a single shot fired, and landed in my lovely room at the Park Plaza Hotel, about 1/2 mile from the word famous Petronas towers, the tallest buildings in the world at 1483 feet. I awoke early morning and looked out the window (that tower is the KL tower...the Petronas were behind our room):
Kuala Lumpur Skyline>>>
And as one always does when near a really tall building...I walked below the Petronas, shot a photo of the top from the bottom, and then tried to go to the top to shoot the ground from the top. Psychology...hmmm...
Petronas, bottom up>>>
Petronas, Full Frontal>>>
I wasn't allowed up to the top...the public is only allowed to reach the sky bridge at 170 meters (558 feet).
Back to the story...the next day, for the first time in my life I met my top-secret contact, Angie, code named 'Mommy'. We bought me some clothing at the 1,500,000 square foot 6-level mall at the base of the Petronas, then went out that night to meet my cyber-daughter
Me and Denise>>>
I'd been a cyber-Dad to Denise since January 1998 and had never met her, mostly because she lived 10,000 miles away and my Honda Accord needs oil changes every 7500 miles. It was so special. I wept. We all wept. Then we drank a mystery golden liquid that made everyone and everything look beautiful. Here is myself (goofy smile and new shirt!), Angie (gorgeous smile), Denise (she's my kid...keep the comments to yourselves), and her boyfriend Jason...he was good to my little girl. I think I like him. Me, Angie, Denise, Jason>>>
Park Plaza Hotel, Kuala Lumpur>>>