In Your Honor
My friend whom I miss so much
I’ll never forget the times we had together
How I felt when you pulled into the driveway
When the doorbell rang
The rumble of your voice
That wouldn’t stop
When you said,” There’s little Mikey”
All was right in the world
The stories you told us
Over and over and over
The same ones each time
As if they were new
As if we didn’t already know them
Like our favorite songs
We knew all the words
But wanted to hear them from you
Just one more time
Your wave of silver hair
Your waddling gait
Your profane way of sneezing
Your profane way of thinking
Your sheepish grin
How you’d study about everything
And I’d watch you leave
Knowing you would never be mine
And follow you to your car
Not being able to tell you 
I loved you
But as you drove away you paused,
Flashed your headlights to us,
Perhaps not able to tell us
You loved us too
I’ll never forget the phone call
That cold October morning
As I lay awake unable to sleep
I saw us smiling again
And wondered if you ever knew
You were great
I was a little closer to heaven
Because you took a piece of me there
With you
I carried you that last time
Unable to look at the flag over you
To hear the twenty-one shots
Fired for you
They cut me in two and I turned away
Unable to salute my fallen comrade
What are we going to do now?
It was you…you who was always there
For you my dearest Uncle Bushy
My brother in arms 
My friend
All I can offer are tears
In your honor

January 21, 8:32pm, German Standard Time
Copyright ©2002 Michael Paul