In my heart you are flawless
In my mind you are flawed
Imperfect when I see
But perfect for me
When you pulled my arm around you
I felt a woman
With pieces of a puzzle
With indents that needed pegs
Pain that fit my comfort
Tiny shoulders
That kept me from hugging myself
Lips that kept me awake at night
Wanting to taste something
I couldn't consume
Dark eyes that loved a grouchy
Tired, love-starved boy

Who wanted to sneak a peek
Because it was fun
Because she could fill his eyes
Weight his wandering mind
And wake him with a smile
I felt like the sun
That pointed to the moon
That lit the mountain
That opened the puppy's eyes
That pushed away the clouds
The sun that showed the flower
And opened it
I rose and you bloomed
My heart boomed
You are flawed--I am flawed
You're perfect
For me

June 8, 2008, 10:50pm, 2008 Michael W. Paul