Coloring Three Shades of Angie

Angie, how can you think
I care for you less than these?
To me you are an angel
And they are just a breeze
When I see you in your red dress,
To me you are a rose
I want to smell your perfumed skin
And gently pull you close
I wish I was a bee
So I could touch you on the nose
And kiss you with my entire beeing
Until your honey flows

Angie, does your heart deceive you?
Listen to me please
When I put my arms around them, sweet,
It's you I want to sqeeze
When you're sitting on the stairway
Looking far away
I'd be the one who's just off camera
Not knowing what to say
Too shy to let you notice
There's a smile I hideaway
If I caused a blush when our eyes met,
Angie, it would make my day

Precious, how can I convince you
That you've brought me to my knees?
To me you are far above a ten,
But they are only three's
When you're feeling around at the beach
And giggling like a little girl
Could you make a sandcastle built for two,
So I could play inside your world?
And if you tumble from your tower,
Beneath you I'm unfurled
And I will be your oyster shell
And you will be my pearl
Angie, if you think you're second best
There's something you should see
Just one more sign, your name and mine,
In a heart upon a tree

September 13, 2:10am
Copyright 1998 Michael Paul