The future is bright, or so they say,
But when it comes around I look farther away
Like most I live in an emotional eclipse,
Reminiscing the past, longing for the future,
Cursing the now,
This tomb called my room is forcing an unnatural pacing motion,
And a dribbling, nibbling caffeine devotion
John Denver can see me through I just know it...
And if not I'll find a suitable CD to fill the void,
And loud can make up for quality

The crack in the ceiling tells me my time is limited
And the lamp on my fridge looks at me like God with a frown
"What are you waiting for man???
Does your bed not stay down on its own,
Or will it be saved by your presence?"
It flickers when the fridge starts
And the rusted bell beneath it chimes
To let me know the countdown

My centipede, I think I'll call him Felix
Makes his cameo
And then ducks into the security of somewhere
I'm too lazy to stalk
Perhaps I should repent of my actions...
Could it be Felix only wanted to talk?
I wait expectantly, with my WD-40 in hand,
And my Mega Hold hairspray,
Wondering which would be the deadliest way
To rid my life of Felix
But he comes when I least expect,
He's done his homework he has

Mirrors surround me,
My reflection is a deja vu of my entire life,
The only way I'll ever know me
Somehow it just doesn't seem to get it right,
But by whose standards do I decide this?
They say it's what's inside that counts,
Only if you've never had...
An out of body experience

My shower goes off as scheduled,
And I'm sure that Felix,
Is playing my Bob Seger CD,
And a symphony of air guitars,
And dancing in my collection of boxer shorts
While I feel secure in my world of steam
I suspect Felix has a thousand chat buddies
He chats with them all at the same time

I'll go online,
And see who is as much bored as I am,
And if they want to be close to me I suggest
They go on an Oprah diet
For five years
Until they are electrons
Then all their dreams will come true,
But I can't put my arms around
An orbiting charged particle

Maybe a cathode ray tube through the head
Would do the world some good.
The deeper you get into your computer,
The closer you get
To sticking your face through the backside
While a million thoughts go racing
And John and Felix keep me company,
And Alanis cyber stalks me
Perhaps a little unconsciousness will reveal
The secrets of the world
Which they forgot to fill me in on

October 31, 1:25 am
Copyright 1998 Michael Paul