God works in mysterious ways,
And shows up in the darkest void
And I've seen Him shine bright as day,
Within a lovely girl named Joy
She plays her heart out for the Lord,
And all His sheep who follow
Accompanying His holy word,
To fill our aching hollow

She pounds the keyboard with such passion,
And bangs her piano back to life
And makes love in a glorious fashion,
A bashful breathless butterfly
She plays for those who cannot play,
But caterpillars one day bloom
And waken with the flowers of May,
To fill the summer skies of June

She makes her magic music plinking,
Then tip toes to her seat in stealth
And when we miss her move we're thinking,
Was it just playing by itself?
She has a sheepish grin at times,
A laugh that laughs with all her being
It makes my face light up and shine,
Reflecting all the Joy I'm seeing

Our time is short upon the earth,
And time here even shorter yet
To tell our friends just what they're worth,
Is something we cannot forget
If ever you feel sad and pityful,
Recall these words from this one boy
Joy Moon, you are so very beautiful,
I am so glad God brought us Joy

November 2, 7:30 pm
Copyright 1998 Michael Paul