To Linda...a woman I never knew

Do I disturb you when I'm always watching you walk by?
As your figure with my wandering eyes I carve? 
They say a woman touches you like candy for the eyes
But you are such a feast, without you in my life I'd starve

Do I appear to have deceitful thoughts inside my head?
You paralyze me with your smile, I cannot move at all
You paralyze my lips, for lack of words that can be said
Before I catch my balance I am backed against the wall

Your name is beautiful because it's all my mouth can say
To utter any other word would take away from you
And if that's only all that I can speak both night and day
To never see you disappear, I'll keep my words too few

Forgive me darling for not letting you leave from sight
Although the sun shines dawn to dusk, then falters to the ground
To have your vision for the day and lose you for the night
Would take away the reason for my lips to make a sound

July 28, 2:46am
Copyright 1999 Michael Paul