March 22, 1987
I KISSED A HORSEY ON THE MOUTH, YUCK!!!>>> The day after Karen left, I went on a 60-mile bicycle ride, letting myself cry when I felt like it, and enjoying my emotions. I hadn't cried in ten years, and it had a healing effect. I felt very peaceful after that. Crying does that to me.
The next day Tammy, from work, called and said her sister was in town and needed someone to show her around Omaha. She asked me if I would do it, so I said,"Sure". Tammy drove up in her car she called "Betsy", and all I can remember was that after she dropped off her sister, she called my car, Humphrey, a piece of crap, and as she closed her door, it was about an inch too low. She had to lift up on the door to make it close. It was funny, to me. Tammy was pretty funny, despite her unusual goodbyes at parties.

Melissa was almost 18, and I was a few months past 21, but we hit it off very well. We drove around for a day, and when it was over, I got a surprise big, long, kiss goodbye. Must run in the family...Things slowly developed and after three days we were almost girlfriend/boyfriend, about 75% her, and 25% me, just enjoying the attention. She wanted me to take her to her prom but after a month of being together (mostly over

the phone...she lived 2 1/2 hours away) we eventually drifted apart. I enjoyed being wanted for once in my life. I'd never had a girlfriend before. It was so short though...not much more than kissing practice, and I missed my bicycle.

The last time I saw her was on April 18, when we went to dog races along with Tammy and her boyfriend. Melissa was sitting next to me and Tammy was across the table with her boyfriend, running her foot up my pants leg. It was a strange experience. I just came for the dogs.
Out of the blue I got a phone call from Melissa on September 12 and never heard from her again. She's probably dead.
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